Protective style season is here. Typically, this would be my cue to schedule an appointment for box braids; however, I’ve got my sights set on another style this spring. It’s possible that you’ve seen my next hairdo all over your timeline. If you’ve come across pretty boho plaits that have an airy resemblance to goddess locs, then yup, you’ve seen it. You’ve probably even thought to yourself “Oh, these are cute.” or “I want these.” but have no clue what “these” actually were. FYI, they were passion twist, and I want them too.

Passion twists are new to the menu of protective style options, and it seems everyone wants to try them (especially me). Why? Not only are they beautiful and low maintenance, but they also look better with time–which is a good thing because I want to rock them all summer (with proper TLC of course). What differentiates these twist from other styles is that they look natural. According to Naturally Curly, @BohoBabe on Instagram created this look for her customers who wanted the cute Bohemian vibe but still wanted to maintain a natural look. And I’m going for that same vibe all Summer ’19.

Not to mention, like most protective styles, you can customize this look by switching up your length, color, and part. To see how, check out the gallery below.