Dancing with the Stars Season 27 Premiere: Who Can Actually Dance?

The stars! They’re dancing again! Can you believe?? 

It feels like it’s been years since we were here, waiting for the stars to dance. It’s actually only been almost a year (since this spring’s season was all athletes), and shockingly, the stars are dancing about the same as they always have, with a few fun exceptions. One contestant, paralympic skiier Danelle Umstead, is blind, which is incredible, and much less impressively, never before has there been a Dancing with the Stars contestant with “Grocery Store” in his official name. What whimsy! 

Another fun thing this season is the fact that Harry Potter star Evann Lynch is competing, and she’s really not bad. The only problem is that we’re already deep into awkwardly incorrect Potter references, like how Len Goodman is the “name that cannot be said” after his really rude score of 5 for what we thought was a pretty solid first dance. 

As for Mr. Grocery Store, whom we all know from Bachelor in Paradise, the poor guy was pretty correct about the fact that he can’t dance, but at least he was sorta cute about it. He ended the night with 14, the lowest score of them all, but claimed he still had fun. Good for him and his sparkly shopping cart! 

At the other end of the pack, singer Tinashe and former NFL player DeMarcus Ware each rightfully earned 23/30, which is pretty dang good for night one, Fuller House star Juan Pablo Di Pace also did pretty well with a 22 and a standing ovation for his extremely sexy number.

Much of the night was not all that surprising, but one thing we were happy to note was that typically, there are much worse dances on night one. Most contestants were better than we thought they’d be, which is great for everyone involved. 

Check out the full scores, and weigh in on your favorite dancer in the poll below! 

Joe Amabile: 14/30
Nikki Glaser: 17/30
Evanna Lynch: 18/30
Danelle Umstead: 18/30
John Schneider: 18/30
Nancy McKeon 18/30
Mary Lou Retton: 19/30 
Milo Manheim: 20/30
Bobby Bones: 20/30
Alexis Ren: 21/30 
Juan Pablo Di Pace: 22/30
Tinashe: 23/30
DeMarcus Ware: 23/30 

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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