Here's Everything Katherine McNamara Could Spill About Arrow and the End of Shadowhunters

Katherine McNamara is having a very good year. 

Despite the very bad news that Shadowhunters, the Freeform series in which she stars as Clary Fray, has been canceled, McNamara will still star in the final season, alongside her new and slightly mysterious role on The CW’s Arrow. Plus, McNamara is a finalist for a People’s Choice Award, alongside the series and costar Harry Shum Jr

E! News caught up with McNamara during a boxing workout at the Fitness Factory West Hollywood, and while she could tell us next to nothing about Arrow or about how Shadowhunters will end, she did spill a few things that have us extra psyched for what’s to come. 

Clary isn’t going anywhere, even though she’s dead.

“Here’s what I can say, because technically I’m dead on the show at the moment: I am in the last 12 episodes,” McNamara tells E! News. “What I can say is that that explosion and everything that took place in Lilith’s apartment in episode 10 changes everyone in the story forever, particularly Clary. She will never be the same person she was before that.” 

She’s down for a revival…even if the ending is “kickass.” 

“That’s above my pay grade, but what I’m saying is anything’s possible, and if nothing else, the ending of the show is kickass,” she says. “I saw the final scene the other day, and it’s perfectly bittersweet.” 

Meet Arrow‘s Maya. 

She’s a street fighter, so she’s a boxer in an underground fight club. She grew up in a very rough environment and is very much a product of that environment. So whereas Clary was very much the hopeful optmist, Maya is very much the realist and the one to punch first and ask questions later. She’s not one to be underestimated or messed with.” 

The role required some training. 

“Maya’s certainly kickass, I’ll tell you that much.” 

She can’t tell us if she’s joining the current Team Arrow, but she was able to say we won’t see her in this year’s multi-show crossover, which debuts December 9. 

McNamara is full of secrets. 

Arrow has been seriously anti-spoiler this season, and McNamara says that’s the hardest part of being a part of the show so far, since she can’t say a word about it. 

“I do have a lot of secrets up my sleeve that have been so graciously shared with me by the showrunner [Beth Schwartz] and by everyone else on Team Arrow,” she says. “The biggest thing I can say is there’s a lot to come from this character, and there’s so much as an actor for me to mine out of it. And just everyone at Arrow‘s been so welcoming, and it really has been a situation where I feel like I’m part of the family.”

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Arrow airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on the CW, and Shadowhunters will return for its final season in 2019 on Freeform. 

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