Jason Isaacs recounts Twitter feud with William Shatner

Jason Isaacs seems slightly amused when discussing his Twitter feud with William Shatner.

The British actor, 54, who plays Capt. Gabriel Lorca in “Star Trek: Discovery,” says an interviewer asked him if Shatner, 86, would be a welcome addition to the show.

“I said, ‘Well, it wouldn’t make much sense since we take place 10 years before the Enterprise and when he did that he was 26 years old, so he’d be kind of old,’” Isaacs recalls. “I think it must have got back to him that I didn’t want him in the show and he blocked me.”

“There was a big fuss at CBS,” he continued. “Would I apologize? I said, I’m not going to apologize!”

But Isaacs said there has been a rapprochement and he is now unblocked by the Canadian actor.

“He’s actually very charming in person,” the “Harry Potter” star says. “I’m not sure he does his own social media stuff. In the days when I was blocked, before he unblocked me, there was a whole community of people who told me he had blocked them, too. Someone is rather trigger-happy on his social media.”

Isaacs can currently be seen in “The Death of Stalin,” a political satire written by “Veep” creator Armando Iannucci about the power vacuum that occurred in Russia after Josef Stalin died in 1953. Isaacs told Confidential at the film’s premiere that he discussed the movie’s plot with ex-British Prime Minister David Cameron the day after the politician resigned from office.

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William Shatner, with his wife Elizabeth, had a Twitter feud with Jason Isaacs.

(Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

“He said it sounds just like Downing Street,” Isaacs noted.

As for playing villainous Lucius Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” series, Isaacs says he had many friends who were crushed that they never got a chance to appear in the multi-film series.

“Now of course they’re making five more films, so they’ve all got a chance,” he said, referring to the “Fantastic Beasts” franchise. “They’ve expanded the membership slightly, they’ve diluted the shares.”

Also at the premiere was co-star Steve Buscemi, whose publicist stuck closely by him, no doubt because of the “Fargo” actor’s close association with disgraced comic Louis C.K. Buscemi co-starred in Louis C.K.’s web series “Horace and Pete.”

Buscemi’s publicist tried to rush him off when questioned about Louis C.K. — but Buscemi did admit that the entire situation where the comedian admitted to asking multiple women watch him masturbate was “weird,” and he had no idea it was going on.


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