Gina Aliotti’s Summer Squat Challenge

As my Summer Squat Challenge continues to rock, I will be sharing with you several of my favorite squat variations throughout the challenge or in your daily workouts.

Since working out only at home and without the use of gym equipment, I have found squats to be an absolute must for keeping the legs toned and tight while booty round and lifted. With good form and mind-muscle connection, the results are amazing when you incorporate squats into your daily routine.

Have fun and let’s get our squat on!


Half Burpee Squat: Start at the top of a squat with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width distance apart and hands down by your side or hanging down alongside your body. Lower down into a low squat and then jump your legs out back into the top of a plank (push-up) position. Jump your legs back in to the bottom of the squat and then rise up to stand and repeat.

G-Tip: Be sure to keep your core engaged throughout the movement, especially in the top of the push-up. Take a moment to contract your core before jumping your feet back up to meet in the low squat.

Challenge is underway but to join the fun and squat the remaining days of summer, join HERE:

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