Carnivore Class

I get asked daily to have more nutrition classes. I used to teach nutrition classes all the time in my home and doctor’s offices. I am fired up and outrageously excited to teach the first Carnivore Class!

This class will leave you fueled with information on why the Carnivore Diet helps heal ailments like autoimmune disorders, Lyme Disease, chronic pain and so much more. The science is so eye opening, it could turn any vegetarian into a carnivore lover!

Some interesting facts you will learn:

  1. Fiber is not needed and is often hard on our gut and colon.
  2. You do not need carbohydrates for a healthy gut flora.
  3. How we changed vegetables into being tasty.
  4. Antinutrient common in plants and their effects on our bodies.
  5. Meat and Cancer. Where did this idea come from?
  6. What to eat besides steak!
  7. What was our body designed to eat?
  8. What did our ancestors eat?
  9. The levels of carnivore
  10. The Carnivore Autoimmune Protocol

And much more! This class will make you look at your food supply much differently and understand how to eat a healthy lifestyle. It will also give you the tools to help reverse chronic issues like Autoimmune disease, bipolar and mood disorders, and much more.

This may be our last class we do so make sure to get your spot!

WHEN: October 13th from 12PM-2PM central time.

WHERE: My home (limited availability) and ONLINE by Webinar!

NOTE: Everyone (both online and in our home) will receive a video of the class the day after.

BONUS! In person members get a free month of Gold membership! Online Webinar attendees get a free month of Silver membership to!

CLICK HERE to sign up for the IN-PERSON class in our home in Hudson Wisconsin.

CLICK HERE to sign up for the ONLINE WEBINAR of the class.
(everyone that signs up for webinar also gets the video after the class)

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