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Guess what? I wrote The Carnivore Cookbook with my husband Craig writing the science in the front matter of the carnivore book! It is now on presale on amazon! Click HERE to check it out!

Over 10 years ago, in my first book, Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism, I wrote about what I call a “pure protein day.” I knew there was a strong thermic effect of food with protein. My guideline for a pure protein day was no carbs (no vegetables either) and only the fats that were naturally in the protein, no added fat. I didn’t call it carnivore, because that wasn’t really a word I ever heard of or used back then. Now the Carnivore Diet is coming quite popular. The funny thing is I get asked, “so you’re carnivore now?” When in reality, I have been eating zero carb for many many years.

It somewhat started after we adopted Micah and Kai. Life was so busy juggling a baby, a toddler and work. Carnivore simplified my life! Plus, my boys didn’t like vegetables. I thought they needed to eat them, so Craig and I started to research the most nutrient dense foods. GUESS WHAT? It isn’t veggies with the most nutrients, it is BEEF and ORGAN Meat! My boys LOVE bologna, hot dogs and sausages, we just make sure to get them from US Wellness Meats which makes the most delicious Tomahawk Ribeyes, bologna and hot dogs without sugar and even braunschweiger without sugar! Click HERE to check it out!

You can’t deny science and since we LOVE beef and sneak in organ meats all the time, I do not worry that we don’t eat plants. We now know that plants come with issues and anti-nutrients and aren’t perfect. Vegetables had many kinds of things (oxalates, phytates, etc. which we discuss in detail in our Carnivore Cookbook) that can actually hurt you. And the vitamins in the plants aren’t nearly as bio-available as those in meats which means not nearly as many are absorbed. So even some plants that are higher in nutrients (like spinach) don’t result in that many nutrients getting absorbed into the body due to anti-nutrients. Animal proteins don’t have this problem, you absorb almost all the nutrients.

Check out this chart from our book KETO: The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet!

Craig and I understand the science behind our concepts of a pure protein days, which is referred to now as the Carnivore Diet. A pure protein day maintains muscle while you utilize the fat on your body to generate fuel and ketones. The thermic effect of the protein helps burn calories, too!

The Carnivore Diet is becoming more popular and well-known and is a great tool for improving results. But it also is a strong tool for helping further improve health. So many conditions like Lyme, chronic pain, autoimmune issues, bipolor, skin issues and much more can realize even more reduction in symptoms and even remission when the eat carnivore. In our book The Carnivore Cookbook we introduce the Carnivore Autoimmune Protocol (CAP) for helping heal like Craig has done with his own Lyme. Craig has been able to eliminate all of his migrating pain by eating a carnivore diet over the last year and a half. None of the Lyme protocols he tried (and there were dozens) were able to do that for him.

So you may be thinking, what about your past books and recipes? Are they not good? No, that’s not what I’m saying. If you would have told me 20 years ago when I started my keto lifestyle that I needed to follow a diet where you eat nothing but meat and eggs, I would have cried. The Carnivore Diet would have sounded terrible to me. I was 16 years old and still wanted my favorite recipes, just without carbs and sugar. Our diets evolve; what your diet looks like now compared to 10 years ago looks quite different than it does today and it looks different for me too! That’s ok! We are always on the search for knowledge and new information. If your keto diet is working for you and you have reached your weight loss goals and healing goals, great! If you haven’t and want to take it to the next step, carnivore is a great option. Or if you just want to improve overall health and simplify your life (carnivore cooking is really easy), then give it a try.

If you are just starting your keto lifestyle and the Carnivore Diet is too much at the moment, that is fine! That is how I started! Cut the starchy veggies, the breads, the pasta, the rice and make sure to eat some animal protein. All my books are extremely low carb. Most of my books are without nuts/nut flours anyway because I always recommend clients to cut them out for fast results. Also, in my books (The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse, Quick and Easy Ketogenic Cooking, The Ketogenic Cookbook, Easy Dairy Free Ketogenic Recipes) there are only a about 5 veggies (the lowest carb and least problematic) included, IF carnivore isn’t for you.

I think that starting your diet change but cutting carbs and sugar is a fantastic way to start! In the beginning years of my lifestyle change, I still wanted dessert, so I had to get creative to make “healthified” recipes of my favorites so I wouldn’t be tempted by sugary treats. I remember making my flour-less chocolate torte just before I went to a wedding. I didn’t want to be tempted by wedding cake so I told myself to enjoy the party and the socializing. Then when I get home I get to enjoy cake! That always worked for me. I didn’t feel deprived. I enjoyed the party then I enjoyed cake.  I am no longer tempted by dessert but if you still want to enjoy Keto desserts, that’s fine. Eventually your pallet may change so you crave more savory foods.

My ultimate goal is to help people stay healthy by creating recipes that are extremely low carb and delicious. So I will keep posting Keto recipes that my boys and my recipe testers love! My children still enjoy keto treats once in awhile. So if you aren’t ready to go full on carnivore, I have many recipes for you to enjoy and keep you on the healthy lifestyle!

I am planning a Carnivore Class for this October 13th if you would like more information. Stay tuned for sign ups! Class space will be limited.

“Love the Protein Sparing Modified Fast cookbook! I had been adding occasional carbs in my diet since January after eating clean for over 2 years. My weight had climbed about 10 pounds so I knew I needed to clean up my diet. I had read about the PSMF (Protein Sparing Modified Fasting) diet and purchased the cookbook. Following it for 6 days and down 7.8 lbs!” – Susan

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