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Most of you know that I love my sleep and I make it a priority for my health! Too often, I work with clients that do not understand the connection between sleep and healing as well as weight loss. For years, I suffered from terrible sleep and it was terrible for my health and my weight.

I LOVE to travel the World and explore but I miss my bed when I am gone! I had Nicole, the sleep expert from LUFT help find the perfect mattress for me! Having the right mattress is extremely helpful in getting quality sleep. I also was on the hunt for mattresses without chemicals because with Craig’s LYME disease, his immune system is so weak, I wanted to get rid of chemicals and I knew that most mattresses were filled with toxic chemicals.

I have great news for those of you who are on the hunt for healthy mattresses! We are partnering with LUFT to bring you amazing hybrid mattresses and special pricing just for our followers (see coupon codes below)!

Most mattresses kids sleep on are the cheapest ones, made of chemicals and flame retardants. Little LUFT was inspired by Nicole, a mom with a little boy who has seizures (which is how we became friends, they started the keto lifestyle when he started having seizures). She wanted to make safe sleep products for children that did not cost a fortune. Thus Little LUFT was born.

Nicolereached out to us because she knew our story and cooks from our keto cookbooks to help her son limit his seizures. Getting rid of the chemicals in our environment is important for everyone but especially important if you are trying to prevent seizures or other diseases like Lyme that can break down the immune system. Little LUFT is perfect for kids and the best part, it is only $ 299 (plus a discount below) so it is super affordable! We swapped out both our sons beds right away to little LUFT mattresses. Most mattresses, especially those with foam or nasty flame retarding chemicals added, can has a smell when they are new. Some even recommend “Off-gassing” to allow the gasses to air out before installing the mattress. Not with LUFT, they use the lowest chemical ingredients and natural flame retardants so they smell fresh right out of the box. Here is Kai’s take on the smell of the Little LUFT mattress.

If you’ve already heard of LUFT Beds (pronounced looft) I wouldn’t be surprised. LUFT just became the official Rest and Recovery mattress of the 2019 NFL Draftees. And from the NBA, to celebrities, to health gurus and pediatricians—everyone is raving about the mattress that is revolutionizing the sleep world. But what makes the company even more special is how it came about.

Chemicals in Mattresses

The mattress industry at large has fallen prey to globalization. Many mattresses today are imported with questionable materials that are potentially hazardous and offer no guarantee of quality. In fact, mattresses today can be considered the new lead paint of our generation. They can be full of VOC’s, harsh chemicals that off gas and fabrics that belong nowhere near our skin or bedroom.

LUFT is 100% hand-crafted in the USA and sourced using local American made components. It also comes with multiple safety certifications. It’s fabric is Okeo-Tex certified, which is one of the highest independent ratings in fabric. It guarantees our mattresses are free of harsh chemicals and carcinogens. LUFT is also Certipur Certified, meaning all of the foams are certified through a third party for quality and safety ensuring the foam is:

  • Made with no ozone depleters
  • Made with no heavy metals (including mercury and lead)
  • Made without prohibited phthalates
  • Low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • No BPDE (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers) in fire retardants. Made with no formaldehyde

LUFT even uses a natural fire barrier made of cotton and rayon (the same fabrics used in clothing) and no harsh chemicals. Given the EPA identified indoor air quality as one of the top five environmental risks to health. Keeping your home free of radon, allergens, VOCs, PBDEs just to name a few is important for your everyone in your house.

A good mattress needs to fit your body shape and type. That’s why LUFT offers three hybrid models, each with a combination of great foams and springs designed by sleep experts to fit your unique body and sleep needs. They come in three different comfort levels.

  • Plush Multi Sleeper: Great for side sleepers and for easing hip, shoulder, and joint pain.
  • (**This is the one we chose and it has been heavenly! Helps with Craig’s Lyme disease to get better sleep.)
  • Luxury Firm Multi Sleeper: For side, stomach, or back sleepers that like a slightly firmer feel with a layer of softness for support.
  • Firm SleeperCreated especially for back and stomach sleeper who like a firm mattress. It’s great for anyone with lumbar pain

Coupon Codes for Even More Savings!

These mattresses would retail for over $ 3000 in a traditional store. But because LUFT delivers directly to you, you can save a lot of money on a quality mattress. And to top it off we are partnering with LUFT to give you exclusive additional discounts! Here are the coupon codes:

MariaKING= $ 300 off an adult KING
MariaQUEEN=$ 200 off adult Queen
MariaLITLLE=$ 25 off Little LUFT
Maria150=$ 150 off adult Twin, Twin XL, and Fulls

We all prioritize our time and one thing I prioritize is going to bed early. I giving myself enough time to get good quality sleep helps me give more to my family and to others that need my help!

“Hi Maria. I want to give you feedback on my journey with “the Maria way”. It is absolutely amazing. I’m 67 years old, yo-yo’d dieted all my life and never ever got rid of my “fat clothes”….until now. My closet is pretty bare, but filled with size 8 clothes and my size 14/16s are all listed for sale at Goodwill. I’m that confident that I can maintain this WOE.

 I followed the meal plans in your book The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse. The weight just fell off me, almost like magic. No tummy or belly fat, which I find amazing. WOW. I’m amazed. Thank you for your help with my Health Assessment! I feel like the supplements you recommended helped so much with the transition AND I finally sleep at night with your recommendations.” Connie

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