Mother’s Day Sale!

We love supporting small companies that make products with healthy ingredients! Further Food makes some of the highest quality collagen and gelatin on the market. They are all extremely kind and supportive! I met them at KetoCon last year and I asked them to make a quality gelatin because my boys love my homemade keto gummy bears. Guess what? She started making gelatin that very week!

In honor of mothers day we are again teaming up with Further Food to bring you are great sale. Collagen and gelatin has so many health benefits we think everyone can see benefits from taking it daily.

Why take collagen?  Here are just some of the health benefits of adding collagen.


  1. Can help with skin elasticity and aging. This means when losing a lot of weight it can help the skin shrink better, reduce wrinkles and cellulite. Can also help with loose skin after a large weight loss.
  2. It can help strengthen hair and reduce hair loss.
  3. Improves joint health.
  4. Builds bone strength.
  5. Contains 18 amino acids that help ligament repair and recovery.
  6. Contains glycine that helps with immune system health, sleep and helps with digestion.

Collagen is helpful with so many things we think it is a great supplement for everyone to add to their daily regimen. Now you can stock up and save money!

In honor of Mother’s Day you can get 20% off all their products! Just use the code MARIAMINDBODY.
So CLICK HERE to stock up!

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