An Armored Bank Trunk Dumped $600,000 in Cash onto a Highway

If you were driving down Indiana’s Interstate 70 on Wednesday morning and happened to snatch a bunch of $ 20 bills off of the highway, the Indiana State Police would like to have a word with you.

During rush hour outside of Indianapolis, the back doors of a Brinks armored bank truck opened and bags of money went sailing out. Some broke open, littering the highway with an estimated $ 600,000 in bills, local Fox affiliate WXIN-TV reports. Traffic came to a halt; some drivers and nearby residents started frantically gathering money. Others watched the mayhem unfold and withstood from the money grab, letting their better judgment make the call. Then the state troopers arrived and shut the party down.

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“Sort of something out of a movie scene, where you have bills, loose bills flying all over the interstate, vehicles stopping, people getting out of their cars,” Corporal Brock McCooe said. “So it was pretty chaotic.”

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And also pretty illegal, for anyone who pocketed a personal helping of the $ 600,000.

“People know right from wrong and anyone we track down who kept a dollar of this money will be arrested for theft,” the police said in a statement. “The time to do the right thing and call us to turn in the money is now, because once we knock on your door, you won’t be able to avoid being arrested.”

Brinks said the incident is under investigation, according to The New York Times.

So yeah, stealing is bad. But free money is hard to pass up. Just ask this guy. Here’s hoping you don’t have to choose between “doing the right thing” and the easiest payday ever anytime soon.

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