Fallout 76 Challenges You to Rebuild Society in the Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland

Watching the president lead us into the nuclear apocalypse is fun and all, but what comes after? The Fallout series has been trying to answer that question for over 20 years, putting players in the shoes of different individuals emerging from bomb shelter vaults to find (and perhaps rebuild) a changed world where the food and water have gone bad, the storms are radioactive, and it’s every man, woman, and super-mutant for themselves. This fall, the series returns with a new title: Fallout 76.

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As announced by Bethesda at E3, 76 will be the earliest in the series’ timeline, set in the hills of West Virginia, 20 years after the bombs dropped. Unlike past entries, it will also be the first Fallout title that’s entirely online—a shared-world survival experience that won’t require, but will encourage, cooperating with or taking down other players from around the world. And yes, there will be nukes.

Fallout 76 will hit stores November 14, but is available for pre-order now.

Pre-Order $ 60 ($ 48 with Prime), amazon.com Xbox One | PS4 | PC

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