For Its 20th Birthday, Google Is Offering You a Glimpse Into Its Childhood Garage

The Google Search function turns 20 years old today. Honestly, it’s hard to believe it didn’t evolve alongside humankind 200,000 years ago, dictating our every move and answering our every query as we blundered across the Earth. But yeah, 20 years. Impressive stuff.

You might know the lore behind Google’s creation. Standford grads Larry Page and Sergey Brin rented a garage from their friend Susan Wojcicki in Menlo Park and set to work creating a search engine. Google was incorporated in September 1998, and the rest is history.

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To celebrate the milestone, Google set up an exact replica of that garage, which you can tour through Street View. Click through the entire house for ’90s-era decor and desktop computer screens the size of large boulders, plus a secret door. Floppy disks abound. Other geniuses who found refuge in garages where their genius could flow freely include Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Jeff Bezos. In other words, our world would be a tech-free void if it weren’t for available garage space.

Adding to the birthday festivities, Google also made an interactive search history and a video highlighting popular doodles and search terms over the years. And it redesigned the Google Photos desktop application, Verge reports.

Little did Page and Brin know that their Google would become so necessary to daily life that we would make it into a verb. Little did they realize that one day, the president of the United States would be attacking their invention from the official White House Twitter account. What a ride.

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