Fortnite Season 9 Updates the Map and Introduces a Futuristic New Battle Pass

Fortnite Season 9 is here, and it’s hard to believe it. It feels like just yesterday that we got our first-ever Battle Pass with those classic knights. Fortnite is almost unrecognizable now to us players of the past, and for good reason. Epic Games gave us the future today, and here’s what is included.

This season transformation is one of the largest updates to the map and gameplay we’ve seen up to this point, and it looks rad. The new Season 9 takes place in the distant future, after the volcano’s eruption from Season 8 presumably knocked out a huge portion of the population and sections of the map. Tilted Towers has been rebuilt after its recent destruction, and now it is a hopping, futuristic hub called Neo-Tilted. In the place of Retail stands Mega Mall, a shiny new shopping mall. The map also has added slipstreams and hover platforms for smooth, quick flight and transportation.

Along with the Season 9 update, we’ll get a new Battle Pass with some awesome skins and cosmetics, as seen in the trailer. Following the future theme, the Battle Pass offers a Sentry robot, a future rebel, a rapture survivor, robot pets, and more. This is definitely one of the strongest thematic seasons we’ve seen in Fortnite’s lifetime.

Awhile back, Apex Legends burst onto the battle royale scene like a bat out of hell. But while Fortnite took a back seat for a second, it’s back on top and showing no signs of slowing—especially with its epic Avengers collab and much more on the horizon.

Fortnite Season 9 launched today in an update, and the Battle Pass is available for 950 V-Bucks (around $ 10). The whole season screams apocalyptic rebuild. Honestly, the island of Fortnite has been through a lot of wacky and near-world destroying events, so it’s about time we saw how one might affect its future.

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