Pope Francis Is Auctioning Off His Custom Lamborghini

It seems the Pope realized that owning a custom-made white Lamborghini that goes 198 miles per hour on a 573 horsepower, V-1o engine is a waste of a good car if you drive it within the Vatican’s walls. So he’s auctioning it off in May for a lot of money.

Lamborghini gifted a Huracán RWD Coupé to the Pope last year, and made sure it matched His Holiness in appearance and class. It has a white paint job contrasted by stripes and detailing in the Vatican City flag colors, and is trimmed in white leather and signed by the Pope (!) on the hood. And because popes don’t get a lot of chances to hit the open road, it’s in “virtually as-new condition” after being in storage since late 2017.

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Sotheby’s is hosting the auction on May 12; the auction house expects the Lamborghini to go for as much as $ 303,000 to $ 425,000. Seventy percent of the proceeds will go to Nineveh, a city in Iraq under siege by ISIS. The rest will be evenly divided between “Amici per il Centrafrica Onlus,” Groupe International Chirurgiens Amis de la Main, and the Pope John XXIII Community Association.

Will Pope Francis miss his Lambo? Not likely—the Popemobile lets him greet his flock better than any sportscar. Besides, the guy has an ultra rare, ultra good bottle of bourbon stashed somewhere in the Vatican, thanks to Father Jim Sichko of Kentucky. Who needs wheels when you’ve got whiskey to enjoy?

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