Quavo Invited Clemson's Football Team to Atlanta to See 'How Champs Are Supposed to Be Treated'

What a week for food—let’s break down the timeline. On Monday, President Trump hosted the Clemson Tigers football team at the White House to celebrate their National Championship win over Alabama. The menu, which Trump—a man who once claimed to be worth over $ 10 billion—repeatedly mentioned that he paid for, consisted of McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Dominos. Then the photos came out, with memes in tow. Trump bragged (in a now-deleted tweet) on Tuesday about all the “hamberders” he bought, and then Burger King subtweeted him because life is good and hilarious and exhausting.

And the big event isn’t over yet. Also on Tuesday, rapper Quavo of Migos tweeted out the best offer currently on the table: Quavo wants to bring the Clemson Tigers to his neck of the woods, fix a little stir fry, and show these guys “how champs are supposed to be treated.” Hell yes.

The move comes as absolutely no surprise because after a little investigation, Quavo and the two other members of Migos are good Georgia boys who get how it’s done in the south. You don’t invite guests of honor to your home and pull out the paper plates. That’s reserved for unexpected visitors and the worst set of in-laws. When you have champions over as company, you treat them right. And if you don’t have the money on hand to do so, maybe, I don’t know… open up the government. Quavo gets it.

Honestly, the biggest shock of all is that Quavo, who is known to celebrate the goodness of the SEC and the Georgia Bulldogs, was willing to reach across conference lines and offer such an extravagant gift for those Clemson boys. As for the political side, you can keep all that lukewarm fast food. I want to go to Atlanta, get a big bowl of stir fry, and party with Migos.

Go Dawgs. Go Tigers. This is the unity America needs.

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