Sean Bean Looks Forward to Seeing All the Ways His New Video Game Character in Hitman 2 Might Die

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Sean Bean is the star of a new video game in which his character dies a lot. This is not surprising. Sean Bean is well-versed in the art of dying on screen. He has mastered it. His head rolls away from his body with gusto. His body takes a bullet with solemn grace. If you are not familiar with Sean Bean’s many deaths, please watch this video titled “Sean Bean Death Reel,” featuring sad piano music and a bunch of spoilers.

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So this video game. It’s called Hitman 2, and is the sequel to Hitman. Bean plays an ex-MI5 agent who is very good at faking his own death. His nickname is “the Undying.” The irony here is stunning. Your task as the player is to figure out a way to kill him. You only get one chance to kill him, and you only get 10 days to do it, no replays. If you don’t kill him, too bad. The mission is over, and you have to move onto the next target. Here’s the trailer for Hitman 2, which comes out November 13.

Bean got candid with the Verge about all this dying.

“In the films I’ve done, I know what’s coming. I know I’m going to die. I know in which way I’m going to die,” he said. “Whereas with this one, I don’t know. It could be anything. The player can kill me any way they want. I don’t know what to say about that.”

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The possibilities are endless!

“It will be strange to see people trying to get rid of me,” he continued. “I’ll be as interested as anyone to see how it turns out.”

It’s always nice when an actor extends his range. In Bean’s case, that just means even more new and creative ways for his character to eat it. He even said he’d have a go at Hitman 2 to try to assassinate himself. His exact words were: “Yeah, why not?” That’s meta as hell.

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