Sony Is Bringing Back the PlayStation One with the New PlayStation Classic

The hot new trend in gaming is taking something old and making it small. Case in point: Sony just announced the PlayStation Classic, a tiny version of the PlayStation One console that rocked the video game world nearly 25 years ago. How time flies.

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The PlayStation Classic will be released December 3 for $ 99.99 at retailers in the U.S., according to Sony. With the console you’ll get 20 pre-loaded “fan favorite” games, including Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms—all playable in their original format. The console itself is 45 percent smaller than the PS1, and comes with an HDMI cord and two controllers.



Nintendo has already hit a jackpot by tapping into nostalgia. The NES Classic was wildly popular when released, and there are rumors the company might be bringing back the Nintendo 64 in classic form. Sony is obviously hoping the love for PlayStation runs just as deep.

So when you’re sick of murdering gods, slinging webs to save New York City, and all of the other gaming delights 2018 has to offer, take it back to 1994. Stuff was simpler back then.

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