This Bluetooth Speaker Combines Vintage Looks and High Tech Sound—And It's Over 50% Off on Amazon

Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall $ 273.46

You know what they say: what’s old is new. That attitude is all well and good until the vintage radio you found at the thrift store starts shorting out and shooting sparks.

There are easier ways to combine vintage aesthetics with modern flair than rummaging through old gems and searching for antiques (if that’s not your thing).

This Marshall Stanmore speaker is the perfect example of that. It might look vintage thanks to its old fashioned, classic radio-inspired design details, but it’s actually pretty high tech.

Not only does it boast Bluetooth connectivity, it also allows you to connect the speaker to older models thanks to RCA input capabilities. CD player or turntable been out of commission for a few years? Dust ’em off and let the music play.

And according to reviewers, when the music plays, it’s clear, defined, and “worth every penny,” which is always a plus, especially for something that might look a little older.

Even better, it’s available for significantly less of those pennies right now on Amazon. For Prime members, the speaker is over 50 percent off, retailing for $ 169.99. That’s over $ 170 less than its usual price tag.

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