‘Art Of The Deal’ Co-Author Predicts Donald Trump May End Shutdown For 1 Vain Reason

Donald Trump’s Art of the Deal co-author has suggested one reason why the president may soon find a way to end the ongoing partial government shutdown.

Tony Schwartz tweeted Tuesday he thought it could happen because Trump “desperately wants to give the State of the Union to Congress” on Jan. 29.

“It’s always, always about his vanity,” Schwartz added.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) requested last week that Trump postpone giving the address until the federal government had been fully reopened. She also suggested Trump could submit his remarks in writing.

Trump appeared ready to disregard Pelosi’s request and is pressing ahead with plans to deliver the speech at the Capitol next week, according to reports on Tuesday.

CNN’s Jim Acosta reported Tuesday that, per a senior White House official, Trump was weighing up giving the speech “away from the Capitol and might even do a rally.”

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