Change will take more than just protests, one organizer says. Here’s what people on the ground are saying.

Lawmakers, family and community leaders mourned George Floyd on Saturday in Raeford, North Carolina, during a musical celebration of life.

The Floyd family dressed in white and clapped or raised their hands through most of the service, which was filled with gospel music and cries for justice. 

“We welcome George back home one more time,” said US Rep. Richard Hudson. 

Floyd was born in the Fayetteville, North Carolina, about 20 miles from Raeford. Hudson said, as a white man, it is “unacceptable” he’ll never have to worry when his son “leaves the house, that some rogue cop’s going to kill him,” while African-American and Hispanic families do worry everyday. 

“If I deny all the wrong that law enforcement is doing today, I am denying the color of my skin,” said Hoke County Sheriff Hubert Peterkin. The sheriff said officers everywhere need to say six words: “We are part of the problem.”

Jeremy Collins, a representative of North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper, presented the Floyd family with a flag that flew over the state capitol building on Wednesday.

“Some death ain’t about dying, some death is about waking all of us up,” Collins said.


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