UK lawmakers yet again fail to agree on an alternative to Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plan

Three days after Brexit was supposed to happen, lawmakers in the House of Commons remain incapable of breaking the deadlock.

On Monday night, MPs once again attempted to take control of the Brexit process by voting on alternatives to Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

They attempted, but failed. Of the four alternative plans voted on, none received a majority.

This inability to agree on anything looked particularly farcical on the first working day since the Prime Minister’s deal was defeated on Friday.

Throughout Monday, prospects of a softer Brexit or a second referendum getting the indicative approval of parliament were talked up. It looked like — whether it be tacked onto May’s withdrawal deal or a whole new plan — there might be a crack of light as to a way through this mess. There might even have been some sort of cross-party compromise.

Instead, parliament continued to disagree with itself and berate one another, as the Brexit deadline, already delayed once, loomed just over the horizon.

On April 10, May will attend an emergency summit of EU leaders in Brussels. There, she must inform the EU of the UK’s next move. This slow, painful Brexit process might end up being a race to a majority between May and those trying to find alternative ways to escape this this swamp.

Read more of Luke McGee’s analysis here.

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