Voters will settle a tight contest as Iowa becomes the first to vote in the Democratic presidential primary


Richard and Linda Yach
Richard and Linda Yach

The last time Richard Yach, 73, and Linda Yach, 72, participated in an Iowa caucus it was freezing cold and they were wearing parkas. 

Today, Richard is in shorts and Linda is wearing a light shirt and they are Iowa caucusing in Port Charlotte, Florida. The temperature outside is 72 degrees and sunny. 

“If you are going to do it, this is the place to be,” Linda laughed. “We are overjoyed to do this.”  

Linda and Richard say their perfect Democratic ticket is Amy Klobuchar and Joe Biden — or a Biden-Klobuchar ticket. Today, they plan to start caucusing for Klobuchar and see what the viability looks like. The Yachs say they like Biden and Klobuchar because of their solid vision for the country. Their third choice is Pete Buttigieg.

Jack and Bonnie Kremer
Jack and Bonnie Kremer

Sitting across the room — and both in short sleeves were Jack Kremer, 72, and Bonnie Kremer, 69, Kremer.   

“We are beyond thrilled to be here,” Bonnie said with a smile. But her tone changed to concerned when asked why it was important for her to participate. 

“We are terribly worried for America and the world,” Bonnie said. 

The Kremers plan to start caucusing for Pete Buttigieg. They say they like that he’s intelligent and stands for what they believe. But what they like the most is that he can be a “healer.”  

“The world needs healing,” Bonnie said. 

They don’t agree on their second choices: Jack said he prefers Amy Klobuchar. And when Bonnie said her second choice was Elizabeth Warren, Jack replied: “Don’t forget you need a ride home.”

The couple laughed and said they drove two hours from Fort Myers Beach. 

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